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Whether you are in the healthcare industry or related business that have after-hours on-call requirements, then this service is for you. An on-call schedule is also known as on-call shift is a calendar that guarantees a responsible person is always available anytime to quickly respond to any incident, emergency or concern.

In the medical field, on-call doctors are expected to be available at all times for emergencies even afther their shift and this needs an efficient system for notification and forwarding to another doctor for quick response, In the information technology world, maintenance programmers and computer engineers use this to make sure someone can be there to respond to errors and outages or manage downtime.

Barbara’s Answering Service can assist you to establish an on-call calendar service providing automated scheduling and integration options with other tools that maybe available as well as analytics to help you to strengthen your on-call workload and policies.

Barbara’s Answering Service can assist your company or office to set up the calendar, assign rotations, make available a Hotline and other vital options. With this process, the clientele is assured of fast action any time of the day.