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Salesforce Integration

Connect customers to the salesforce and attend to inquiries fast and efficiently. We can provide the contact point between the business salesforce and clients on a 24/7 basis.

On-Call Calendar

The on-call calendar assists in identifying assigned and available resources or staff of a support group. We can assist in scheduling, find resource availability, and push notification for all concerned.

Digital Call Recordings

We have the technology to do digital call recordings for the evaluation and assessment of services to clients. Our call recording system can capture and decode proprietary digital signals.

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Barbara's Answering Service

We are proud of how the business grew from a man team to a fully developed, high technology team. Barbara’s Answering Service offers expert call handling and other related services to small and large businesses of all types. Helping businesses to achieve success by having efficient customer service.

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Barbara's Answering Services


Barbara's Answering Service has the technology to do digital call recording required by your business. These recordings help monitor call performance and provide data to the business owner on what to improve.


The phone answering service is the immediate extension of your company and is a vital factor towards your relationship with customers.

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Please feel free to contact us for inquiries on the different services and options we can do for you.

Our call center will track and monitor usage for a time and will let you know the best option that you can subscribe to.  We will work with you for the BEST option that is right for your business!

Office Address
Claremont, California
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