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Improve eCommerce Customer Service

If your eCommerce customer service is already in place then you are on the right track. Your business is a step closer to having to a seam;ess and personal relationship with your customers.However. The service does not stop with what you are currently doing. As in anything, you need to improve customer service in order to maintain quality and consistency,

Here are still some eCommerce customer service areas that you can improve as you move forward in you customer service implementation:

Implement a 24/ support

eCommerce websites usually do not have official hours and goods or services are sold or given any time of the day and night.

This means that your business must handle a 24 hour support and that an agent should always be available.  You risk losing your business from those who shop late at night.

Keep an eye on customer satisfaction

The business must be open to feedback and concerns from customers.  You can use customer satisfaction scores to collect feedback and should be on the lookout for areas of improvement.

Agents must take down notes on common issues, questions and concerns as they interact with the customers.  If the concerns are repetitive then that area should be improved.

Implement a service platform that could get you personal

Surveys have indicated that many customers do not want to be just a ticker number when it comes to service.Many customers will most likely to have repeat purchase or recommend to other people if they have a personalized customer experience.

Be proactive

It is important to reach out to customers during the buying experience. Consider a checkout page or an automated chat to follow up if the product has been delivered.

AGents can be encouraged to reach out after support conversations. Personalized recommendations are also great ways to make the customer feel important. Follow up on the delivery service and if the customer was satisfied with the product

For the eCommerce customer service, the biggest challenge is to let the customers reach you easily using all available channels. One channel extensively used now is text messaging. It is convenient and everyone has a smartphone to start with.

A customer will always choose the channel that is convenient to them. This can be phone or email, The business must have these channels open all the time and with available agents to reply to customers.

Let Barbara’s Answering Service Assist You

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