Key Customer Service Trends to Watch

Customer self-service is an important trend to monitor for this year. Although this started many years ago, improvements have been made. Un the US, customers expect self service support on the website. This includes an FAQ page or a library of topics.   Social media is used as a main media channel\ One great approach to […]

Improve eCommerce Customer Service

If your eCommerce customer service is already in place then you are on the right track. Your business is a step closer to having to a seam;ess and personal relationship with your customers.However. The service does not stop with what you are currently doing. As in anything, you need to improve customer service in order […]

Advantages of a Live 24/7 Answering Service

Not all businesses need a live 24.7 answering service. It might be complicated if such a service is implemented in-house. The alternative is to partner with a reliable answering service company. When implemented this would be an advantage and make a difference to the day to day operations. You can set your business apart from […]

VA Tasks for Retail Business

virtual receptionist tasks

Retail owners can benefit from VA services.  As a business owner, can be burdened by mundane tasks like attending to customer orders and generally running the business especially when there is an online presence. When this happens the business owner has no time to develop the business and revenues will surely be affected.  A virtual […]

Industries that Benefits from Virtual Receptionists

virtual receptionist

The work of virtual receptionists exist in almost all organizations but most of the times this is down played and not given any importance.  These individuals carry much workload from customer service to processing of documents as well as management of appointments and meetings.  The work of a virtual receptionist is more than just answering […]

Ways to Boost Productivity with an Answering Service

boost productivity

All businesses want a boost in productivity. However, there might be a weak link in the chain of command. We present here ways of how hiring an outsourced answering service can assist the company to boost productivity. Let your people take time to recharge Proper rest and sleep is needed be your personnel in order […]

Developing Excellent Customer Service

developing excelllent customer service

This article deals on how customer-facing employees can develop excellent customer service skills.  The tips given are targeted towards customer service agents, service management and operations making better and memorable experience for the customer.  Customer Service is Important  Every customer service representative or agent is a brand ambassador.  Each interaction with clients can make or […]

Benefits of a Property Management Answering Service

property management answering service

One essential element in property management is the ability of the realtor to maintain the inventory to generate income.  Many real estate companies include marketing, leasing, sales and customer service. A property management answering service can provide a streamlined service to support the network of property services.  Usually, it is a virtual receptionist who will […]

For Physicians: Why an On-Call Calendar is Necessary

physician on call calendar

Many physicians discount the importance of an on-call calendar for their schedules. Some do not realize the importance and its effect on patient care.  Others take a while to implement because they may have no knowledge on how they can implement. Barbara’s Answering Service has been working for physicians and their clinics or hospitals for […]

Importance of Customer Service During Crisis

answering services during crisis

Businesses who have its customer service in place have nothing to worry about during normal circumstances. However, when there is a crisis like the COVID 19 pandemic where all sense of normalcy was changed then there is a need for adjustment and quick thinking. When catastrophes or pandemics happen, businesses that can still provide good […]