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Benefits of a Property Management Answering Service

One essential element in property management is the ability of the realtor to maintain the inventory to generate income.  Many real estate companies include marketing, leasing, sales and customer service. A property management answering service can provide a streamlined service to support the network of property services.  Usually, it is a virtual receptionist who will answer the calls and schedule appointment with would-be tenants without putting added work for the real estate agents. With a property management answering service, realtors can concentrate more on the important task of marketing and selling.

When a real estate company uses a property management answering service, the customer service aspect of the business is taken cared of.  The service provider can provide the tools needed to manage customers and their engagements with the company. One example is the integration of a CRM or customer relationship management system into the process.With a CRM in place, control over client database and sales leads is possible.  Customer information will be available to all parties and the transaction history can be shown readily.

A property management answering service have the following features:

  • Caller ID for every call making sure that there is contact information
  • Digital call recording unless prohibited by law
  • After hours, weekend and holidays call answering making sure the business does not miss a single call. No missed calls.
  • Voicemail services when subscribed
  • 800 service when subscribed
  • Bilingual agents available when needed
  • Professional and friendly agents to take care of the calls
  • Nationwide scope from California to any part of the United States
  • Cheap pricing scheme is offered by Barbara’s Answering Service. Let us know the budget and we will try to work with you.

Barbara’s Answering Service can take care of your receptionist function as well as answer calls on inquiries and other concerns. Give them a call and discuss what you need now!