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For Physicians: Why an On-Call Calendar is Necessary

Many physicians discount the importance of an on-call calendar for their schedules. Some do not realize the importance and its effect on patient care.  Others take a while to implement because they may have no knowledge on how they can implement.

Barbara’s Answering Service has been working for physicians and their clinics or hospitals for a long time. We have successfully created a solid on-call calendar system and has proven to be efficient for our subscribers. 

The on-call schedule is one of the most important schedules for a clinic or hospital. Here are some reasons why:

  • You have to know whether the doctor is on duty on not if you want to set an appointment for the patient.
  • You need to get a referral for laboratory procedures or x-ray and need to know if their is a doctor present or not.
  • Which doctor is needed in the Emergency Department given a particular shift.
  • Who is available for a complicated procedure or delivery.

Every square in an on-call calendar are names or a name of a trained medical doctor to attend to patients for that specific time and day.  These doctors would be responsible for a patient’s concerns when they call. So whether it is 2:00 in the morning or 11:00 in the evening, there is always someone ready to assist patients. 

The on-call schedules not only make doctors more efficient but it attends to people who need medical attention when they need it most.  The calendar also provides alternatives should the primary doctor on schedule is not available.

The on-call calendar is more than just a list of names and schedules. It is actually a life-saving tool that helps people get the medical attention they need. It contains valuable information about doctors and their specialties. 

If you are a physician taking call assignments, the on-call calendar is important for efficiency.  Barbara’s Answering Service can be of service to you and your clinic or hospital. Give us a call and let us know your requirements.