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Importance of Customer Service During Crisis

Businesses who have its customer service in place have nothing to worry about during normal circumstances. However, when there is a crisis like the COVID 19 pandemic where all sense of normalcy was changed then there is a need for adjustment and quick thinking. When catastrophes or pandemics happen, businesses that can still provide good customer service are more likely to succeed than those who abandon this important service,

Positive Reviews Boost Business

Research showed that 91% of customers are more likely to use a business that has good reviews. There are customers that appreciate positive customer service and will show this by giving good feedback about the company.  This is usually through social media or through a review portion on a website. 

A business with 9 or more positive reviews within a 90 day period  earns 52% more revenue than other businesses. Each review counts and a business will have a strong digital footprint when this happens.

Power of Word of Mouth

Online reviews impact sales. However, personal recommendations or word of mouth marketing is even more powerful.  An increase in referrals would mean an increase in prospective customers. Referrals are more important in many companies that they implement referral programs for their customer base to bring in new customers and provide rewards or incentives.

Especially during a crisis situation where lockdowns are prevalent, people ask others where to get goods or services. If the business has a good customer service, recommendations from others will surely take place.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, says that trusted referrals are the Holy Grail of advertising. During crisis, a positive customer experience provide these three things:

  • Professional and friendly call agents – Customers appreciate friendly and polite agents which are representatives of the business.  These call agents can also offer solutions to various problems brought by the customer.. When a business invests in a solid customer service,  clients would also invest their time and money on the business.
  • 24/7 Availability – Most businesses implemented a 24/7 customer service during the pandemic.  These companies were well aware of emergencies and that they want to show their customers that they care.
  • Omnichannel Communication – All channels of communication are open for any customer inquiries and problems.  The answering service is not the only channel. Social media, chat bots, SMS and email are some other channels that can be used especially in a crisis situation.

Times are tough, especially in a crisis, so companies must provide more effort in their customer service.  This is the time when businesses can show their customers that they are important and even when it is difficult, the business is still around to address their needs.  In crisis or in normal times, customer service plays an important role in driving customer retention and loyalty.. If your small business needs an extra hand with customer service communication, contact Barbara’s Answering Services.