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Industries that Benefits from Virtual Receptionists

The work of virtual receptionists exist in almost all organizations but most of the times this is down played and not given any importance.  These individuals carry much workload from customer service to processing of documents as well as management of appointments and meetings.  The work of a virtual receptionist is more than just answering phone calls.

Whether it is acknowledged or not, the VA plays a critical role in a business. Operating from an office can take its toll on personnel that is why many businesses opt to hire virtual receptionists.

A recent survey of 500 managers revealed that 36% spend 3-4 hours daily on administrative tasks like processing documents and answering phone calls. Virtual receptionists can manage these admin tasks freeing personnel to focus on core work like sales and marketing.

The following industries can be benefit from hiring of virtual receptionists:

Information Technology

VAs can provide IT businesses with professional support and administrative work.  They can also attend to whatever research on metrics that are needed by clients. Some can even do websites and graphics creation.

Medical Industry

Real receptionists can be replaced by virtual ones. These remote ones can take on patient appointments, responding on emails and calls as well as maintain the database of patients and physicians.

Real Estate Tasks

Much of real estate work entails maintenance of property databases so that inquiries coming in are replied with much information. VAs handle this task that supports much of sales and marketing efforts. They can also attend to email marketing and other communication tasks.

Legal Industry

Lawyers are swamped with paperwork. Virtual receptionists can assist the lawyers organize their schedules and appointments. The VAs make sure that lawyers do not miss hearings.

Hiring virtual receptionists is beneficial, convenient and affordable. The demand for VAs are increasing daily,  The primary benefit for the industries mentioned are on lower administrative costs.

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