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How To Get The Best Answering Service

Here is one key to determine a good answering service. In a survey conducted by American Express, they concluded that “2/3s of those surveyed or 68% said that a pleasant representative was a key to their recent positive service experience and that 62% said that representative knowledge or resourcefulness was also a key.” The same survey said that for complex issues, 63% look for human interaction to solve problems. Since 2014, the importance of customer service has improved in almost all business niches. This means customer service impacts a business and one strategy is to have a good answering service to handle this task.

How does an answering service help?

There are many benefits when businesses partner with an answering service provider. The service allows a positive customer experience This eliminates missed calls or delays. The consistent and positive experience builds brand loyalty and results in word-of-mouth advertising that is good for a business.

When does a business need an answering service?

Inbound calls are the most prevalent in businesses. Since it is already acknowledged that businesses need such service to manage calls and other services, below are some circumstances when an answering service is already a must:


When too much time and effort is made to answer calls plus the fact that there is no dedicated person to do such, there is disorganization and inefficiency.

Seasonal business

Some businesses have surges during certain seasons. It is important to have someone handle the calls.

Unable to focus on more important tasks

Other business processes need the attention of the staff like marketing and sales. Answering calls can be delegated to an outside partner for more efficiency.

Exude professionalism

First impressions are important. Customer service must show professionalism to retain brand loyalty. The first responder is crucial to any business.

Business is losing customers

When customers are falling out, there should be an analysis and assessment of why such a situation is happening. Is service slow? Are there missed calls? When this happens, time to get an answering service. Missed calls mean losing customers.

Increasing business costs

The cost-effectiveness of an answering service is a reason why a lot take this option. No need to worry about employee salary and benefits as well as the cost of the technology.

Tips on how to choose the best answering service provider

Choosing the right provider is a challenge for most businesses. Many offer options for the service. Always choose the one that can provide the company’s needs at a cost that is favorable to the business.

Be ready with the call processes and discuss functionality

Knowing what is needed will make a functional call plan. This, in turn, allows the provider to get an idea of what support services would be needed. List down priorities and then compare vendors if they can fully support the requirements.

Look for a provider that has similar clients

It is best to look for a provider that has worked with companies in the same business niche. This can mean less transfer of knowledge, time, and training for the operators. These providers can suggest more efficient ways as well.

Compare provider pricing

Once a business has outlined the requirements, the next step is to compare rates of the service. List the providers and their corresponding rates. It is important to highlight the services that come along with the package offered.

Call center location is important

Pros and cons for an overseas provider exist. Businesses should be aware of where the call center is located and see if this has an impact on the service. Some clients feel more comfortable speaking with operators who speak their language. So consider this.

Check on what the service provider do with the data

Security of data that may be provided by the customers is vital. Check what and where such data is stored. Make sure that the answering service provider places high value on data security, takes protocols seriously, and follows what the business requires.

Check the provider’s backup plan. This includes hardware and software alternatives.

Confirm service availability

Make sure the provider can manage calls on the time required, which may include after office hours, weekends and holidays.

Find the best answering service that meets requirements with a price that the business can be comfortable with. Good answering service helps to boost company retention and brand loyalty which in turn affects profitability. Get a good service provider and see how the business will grow. Contact Barbara’s Answering Service for your requirements anytime.