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Signs Your Business Needs an Answering Service

An answering service may be needed to make a step forward for growth. Many businesses may not yet realize the importance of client calls or when they do, they may not know how to deal with the volume.

Competition in any kind of business exists and a company should have an edge over others. An answering service assures that no call is lost and customers have the assurance of a quick response.

Below is a list that indicates the need for an answering service and getting professional help:

Productivity is not improving

Reassess the bottom line of the workflow after the influx of customer calls. Is there a good handle on the situation? Has productivity improved or deteriorated? Are leads converting to sales? Are there complaints about slow action on calls? When other aspects of the business are going downhill because the sales or marketing force is caught up with too many calls, then it is time to decide and get help. Sales and marketing people are hired to do work on company revenues and not administrative duties like taking calls. When this situation is happening in the business, it is time to get an answering service.

The company team has numerous calls

One typical scene that a business has is the constant ringing of phones. When the office and the team are struggling to keep up with managing the phone calls, then it may be time to consider getting an answering service. If calls are being sent to voicemail and no one in the office attends to this, then the business is heading for disaster. Customers call because of a reason – from complaints to asking for quotations, each call is important and this needs attending to. An answering service offers the business an option to delegate communication efficiently and flexibility to resolve issues presented. The service allows in-house staff to focus on more mission-critical tasks like marketing and selling.

Business owners need to take homework

This is true especially with small business owners who take care of customer service themselves. Many take on calls after office hours or even during the weekends. Some clients do not take on a 9 to 5 schedule and call for orders any time they want to. To ensure a full-functioning business, the business owner and staff should have personal time. An answering service can cover those times when the owner or staff are not available. Phone lines to the business are open 24 hours offering customers the attention that they need.

Technology upgrades and other needs

One advantage to having an answering service is the fact that upgrades in terms of telephony software and hardware is for the account of the service partner. The business owner need not worry about the security and sustainability of the service.

Technology upgrades can be expensive and with this goes the training of operators. All these can be the responsibility of the service provider.

When the above signs are already apparent, then assess and get to partner with a reputable and technology-enabled answering service provider.

Barbara’s Answering Service offers comprehensive answering and related services that can be customized to your business. We make sure that leads are never sent to scripted voicemails and then never get any results. Our agents are adept in handling calls, even the annoying ones, from medical to property management calls. The agents work from a custom script based on the client’s business protocols so that customers are assured that they are receiving the attention needed. Contact Barbara’s Answering Service today to learn more about what we offer or visit the website for details of services.