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Customer Service Skills Needed by Call Center Agents

An ace customer service has professional agents or operators to handle this important business process. Outlined herewith are important skills that operators must have to further boost the success of an answering service provider.


Operators or agents must have empathy. Staying cool under fire from annoying and rude clients is the test of professionalism. Not many people have the compassion and patience to handle such situations as well as understand the situation of the client. The ability of a call center agent to be composed and handle the matter is an invaluable trait. 

Listening ability

Active and effective listening requires receptiveness. 

Agents allow customers to talk freely and listen to what they have to say without interrupting them. The agent then summarizes and repeats the issue for clarity. This makes sure that the issue is identified and provides assurance that the problem will be addressed.

Knowledge base

Agents possess knowledge of the company’s protocols, services, or products and other information critical to the business. Customer service cannot go on well if the agent does not know much about the company being represented. This will not be a good impression on the caller.

Problem-solving ability

There will be instances when an agent does not have all or any answers that the customer may be seeking. When this arises, the agent should be able to think fast and deliver some alternative while reaching out to someone who can fully provide a solution. 

Communication skills

An agent or operator should be able to communicate well with the customer. Explanations should be clear and concise and must not show any indifference to the customer. The terms used should not be confusing. Positive command of the language should be infused into the conversational skill.


The answering service provider should inculcate a mindset on what they can do to assist clients. as a representative of the hiring company. 

The team should have a positive outlook and eagerness to take on the daily challenges. 

Barbara’s Answering Service prides itself on customer service agents that possess the mentioned skills and qualities. The operation of a business takes on myriad responsibilities and we are prepared to do our part as the answering service partner. We can handle customer support services effectively. Call us today or visit our website to learn more about what we can offer your business.